ECM/IM Consultancy



3S ECM consultancy activity and assignments include:


Defining ECM program implementation strategies.  Defining the program strategy by identifying the 3 key areas for a smooth ECM implementation exercise.


identifying the company’s current state,

overviewing the organization environment,

and determining the desired future state.


Developing the ECM program strategy. Including the strategic business vision, key performance indicators, critical success factors, measures and change drivers.


3S consultant worked closely with the ARMA Conference Proposal Review Group (CPRG) reviewing member for 2 consecutive years, 2015 and 2016, part of 15 worldwide selected volunteers responsible for developing the educational programming for the ARMA 2015 Conference. Conference addresses the needs of professionals in the information management and governance areas.              


Also, 3S consultant worked as an active member and part of National Standards Council (NSC) group, selected in 2016 to review standards developed for the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). NSC group validated by the governing body for the AIIM Standards Program, the AIIM Standards Board