Backlog et Capture



3S understands the urgency for companies to move their information and legacy systems to a new powerful and efficient digitized environment.

This is indeed a very first essentail step to control and efficiently manage its information assets.

3S shall help you in this endeavor, conducting essentials steps, and providing the required tools and expertise:

The first step, would be to take a complete inventory of the records.  A records retention policy in place is a plus, else 3S will help you defining one.
It will assist in this process. 

Second, determine which records may already exist in a digital format.  This shall help in reducing the chances of records duplication. 

Once this is performed. 3S will assist you define the records to keep or delete. 

Then, 3S will help  implement a consistent and easily understandable taxonomy strategy. 

Finally and essentially, 3S will help select and install a comprehensive document/content management system. 
This system should be robust enough to handle the storage and capture and answer the requirements of the end users. 
It should also incorporate your records management policy and retention policy guidelines.
Certainly, from that point,  digitizing all future hardcopy documents is a must as soon as the backfile conversion starts or completes.