Implementation GIE, GED



3S with its over 15 years experience in implementing large scale ECM solutions for capital and non-capital projects is your right choice.

3S follows state of the art implementation methodologies, and ensure the implementation lifecycle is conducted using worlwide known standards:


Key elements for ECM implementation program delivery:

1. Business strategy defined with a program charter and business case

2. Business and technical assessments and requirements

3. Program roadmap and foundation activities completed

4. ECM Solution designed based on foundation activities

5. ECM solution developed, tested and deployed



The nature of 3S experience, specifically in oil and gas, industry and in construction capital projects has prepared us for large scale ECM/IM implementation challenges.
It involved a great deal of interfacing activities with contractors, consultants and all collaboration considerations. 3S has extensive experience in ECM and projects information management solutions implementations in different work environments. This includes projects involving contractors and consultants located in different sites.